Revealed: Lighting winners 2021

Care homes, hospitals, food banks, skateboard tracks and town halls as well as a host of technological developments have all been recognised in the inaugural lighting category of the Build Back Better Awards.

Projects, products and industry initiatives were celebrated for their innovation, creativity, social value and environmental leadership.

Scottish luminaire maker Stoane Lighting was the only organisation to take two top awards. Its ZTA spotlight was awarded both a Platinum and Green rating for its commitment to circular economy 

principles as was its pioneering ReNew mobile repair and refurbishment service.

Other winners included a buy-back programme for end-of-life luminaires, a remanufacturing process and a method for measuring the circularity of a light fitting.

PLATINUM: Hackney Town Hall, London, UK by dpa lighting consultants

Working with Hawkins Brown Architects and Hackney Council, dpa lighting consultants developed a sensitive lighting approach to the restoration of the 1937 Hackney Town Hall. .

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PLATINUM: The Piece Hall, Halifax, UK by Buro Happold

The Piece Hall, Halifax is a prestigious example of the conservation and repurposing of a heritage site to provide an accessible, cultural, and commercial realm for the local community. 

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PLATINUM: Saint Martin's Courtyard, London, UK by Studio-29

Studio-29 designed three installations, one at each entrance to St Martin's Courtyard, to entice the public to explore the back streets and discover a new hidden gem.

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GOLD: 2020 Visions, Glasgow, UK by Nich Smith Lighting Design

2020 Visions – a project focused on the revival of our high streets – populated empty spaces with light and stories and re-animated the Trongate area in Glasgow with hope.

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GOLD: Ashmere Care Home, Heanor Park, Derbyshire, UK by It Does Lighting

This project sets a blueprint for the future of residents' wellbeing in a care home environment.

Heanor Park provides circadian lighting and improved wellbeing to residents in a scheme designed by it Does Lighting. 

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GOLD: The Falkirk Wheel Experience, Falkirk, UK by Light Alliance

The Falkirk Wheel is the world’s only rotating boat lift and an icon of Scotland. The lighting design by Light Alliance is designed to accentuate its form and enhance its presence in the landscape. 

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GOLD: Lakeview Pantry by Lux Populi

On an extremely limited budget of just £14 per square metre, lighting designers from Lux Populi sought to create an environment with high design values for Chicago's oldest food bank.

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GOLD: Musicon Path, Roskilde, Denmark by Light Bureau and Simon Panduro

The Musicon Path uses interactive lighting to create an exceptional experience for skateboarders and cyclists.

Waves of coloured light respond to movement, creating a tail of light that follows participants around the track.

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GOLD: Ulster Hospital, Belfast, UK by Cundall/ERCO

Why shouldn’t a hospital be a welcoming  space that puts patients at their ease? That was the question the design team working on the Ulster Hospital in Belfast asked itself. The result is a lighting concept that owes more to boutique hotels than traditional public buildings.

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PLATINUM GREEN: ZTA by Stoane Lighting

The ZTA spotlight is the embodiment of Stoane Lighting’s core values. It’s been designed with circular economy principles at all stages. Up to 90 per cent of the material in the fitting has been recycled and at end of life it can be recycled again.

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PLATINUM: Q-Wall by QuarkStar

Using refraction instead of reflection, the ‘light shaping’ lenses at the edge of the Q-Wall guides the output from LEDs and ‘sculpts’ the distribution of light in a space. The Q-Wall was recently installed in the Kinder Building at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

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The Spa by Tryka is build on circular economy foundations but it doesn’t compromise on cutting edge technology. The range features full spectrum lighting and digital beam shaping as well as infinitely customisable variants and form factors.

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GOLD: BF 868 by Sigmatech 360

BF868 is a unique concept in wireless lighting controls. It brings together the benefits of the Bluetooth low energy protocol with the range of the 868 MHz frequency band.

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GOLD: Upper Room Disinfection by Philips

When bacteria, viruses and other pathogens come into contact with UV-C, the light breaks down their DNA, deactivating them. Philips has used this principle to build lights which tackle the air-borne transmission of viruses.

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GOLD: Ultima by LED Linear

The concept of ULTIMA is a luminaire which blends into any architectural structure with minimal impact.  It has been developed with a focus on an efficient design that requires the least amount of materials possible. 

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GOLD: A7 Virtual Sun by Innerscene

The A7 Virtual Sun is unique among artificial skylights as it can render a convincing sun and sky experience while mounted in a conventional ceiling void. 

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GOLD: Air-Lume by Trinity Lighting

The Air~Lume is designed to bring wellness to workplaces by combining high quality lighting, air purification, pathogen disinfection and improved acoustics in one elegant unit. 

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GOLD: EclDisplay by Prolights

The EclDisplay series of LED spotlight projectors has over 7,000 possible fixture configurations, using the same core technology while meeting different aesthetic and technical requirements.

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PLATINUM GREEN: ReNew division by Stoane Lighting

ReNew is a new division of Stoane Lighting that has been set up to deal with repairs and upgrades. Stoane Lightingh’s intention is to avoid the disposal of luminaires when there is likely an opportunity to refurbish.

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PLATINUM GREEN: TM66 by the Society of Light & Lighting

How do you measure the circularity of a luminaire? That was the challenge the CIBSE’s lighting division, the Society of Light and Lighting, set itself this year. The result is technical manual 66, which sets out a method of calculating the level of circular performance of a light fitting. 

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GOLD GREEN: Remanufacturing process by EGG Lighting

EGG believes that remanufacture is the most sophisticated circular technique and upgrades used lighting to modern performance with minimum waste. 

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GOLD GREEN: Full Circle buy-back scheme by skinflint

Skinflint’s Full Circle buy-back scheme gives customers the opportunity to trade-in their skinflint lights in exchange for 50 per cent credit towards a future purchase.  Returned lights are then repaired, restored and recertified by its technicians and placed back into the market.

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