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Trinity Lighting

Air-Lume is a multi-tool for the delivery of holistic wellness and real world biological health improvements at the frontline of any fully occupied spaces.

Elevating lighting from a commodity utility or decorative element to a fundamental bio infrastructure of lighting, air purification and improved acoustics, the ubiquitous network of lighting becomes the building's auto immune system.

The trinity of excellent lighting, excellent indoor air quality and excellent acoustic is harmonised into a package of credible science combining variable high quality illumination with integrated particulate filters G4>HEPA13, activated charcoal filters to absorb toxic gasses and then safely deployed UVC germicidal irradiation embedded within the body ensuring exceptional potency of dosage c 400,000 uW /second whilst completely out of sight and harm’s way.

The ability to offer these essential elements of health and well being at a micro environment level also make the products outstanding in energy efficient with leading lm/W and >90 CRI for quality illumination and optional human-centric lighting, combined with nom 5 W/sq m for air purification makes the solution considerably more energy efficient than HVAC upgrades that may increase energy consumption from 100-300 per cent and Air~Lume also protects premises without mechanical ventilation.

The Air-Lume principle delivers verifiable science, quantifiable delivery, integrated into a aesthetically palatable package adaptable to many architectural or spatial requirements. 

The ability to purify air of contaminants and pathogens within the fully occupied breathing zones makes Air-Lume’s lighting system a supremely effective multi tool in the protection of people's biological health and the overall space is a safer place to be.

The health, ecological, environmental and energy efficiency benefits all within an easily deliverable installation package, that can be utilised 24/7 in fully occupied spaces or on demand based on occupancy or indoor air quality monitoring represent a game changing prospect for lighting as an essential element within of a new normal of building services.

The family is designed for future technology upgrades from current use of mercury lamps for increased UV-C potency but can currently adopt UV-C LED and future upgrades and currently engaged in new product developments with state of the art UV-C LED manufacturers for continual improvement.

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