Osram’s DALI PRO 2 IoT –  the first DALI 2 certified controller with integrated IoT gateway and open API – has won a Build Back Better Awards GOLD for making it simple to access cloud applications. 
Once installed, commissioning is achieved via an intuitive user interface, using either a notebook computer (LAN or Wi-Fi) or a smart device (Wi-Fi).
The built-in gateway offers access to automatic firmware updates and enables IoT applications which can include remote access, emergency lighting and open REST API, which allows for integration with third party software and cloud apps.
For instance, facility managers can use the platform to monitor their lighting installations, get insights into individual energy consumption areas, provide information for potential optimization of the lighting system configuration and identify maintenance needs remotely.
It provides a simple way to access cloud applications. In addition, its browser-based graphical user interface offers a time-saving and intuitive commissioning experience.
The built-in gateway offers access to a Software Service for automatic FW updates and enables IoT Applications. This way, the controller can be automatically updated with new features, provided it is connected to the internet.
Because Osram releases new features and firmware to automatically update the product, there is no need for product replacement, which reduces the environmental impact.
This is also in line with Osram’s ’no step backwards’ policy applied when developing products. The company commits to improve the efficacy and life of its products.
Furthermore, the Energy Monitoring and Maintenance Assistant (EM/MA) Service, in combination with DALI PRO 2 IoT system, enables facility managers to monitor their lighting installations, gain insight into individual energy consumption areas, provide information for potential optimization of the lighting system configuration and identify maintenance needs remotely: all this enables energy and cost savings.
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