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Build Back Better: Frequently asked questions

What sort of ideas and content are you looking for?

We want to share the best ideas, the latest research, ground-breaking designs, innovative projects and the next generation products that will help shape the vital next generation of buildings that work for how we live now.

Therefore we are excited to learn about developments in the office, retail, commercial, leisure, healthcare, education, transport, outdoor and residential sectors that are part of the new paradigm and welcome content in the form of case studies, thought pieces, white papers, product developments and relevant press releases.  

You can submit content to

What sectors are covered?
The sectors supported include lighting, home heating and ventilation, electric vehicle charging products, smart home products, solar and battery products, building performance products, circular economy products, retrofit products and carbon reduction projects.

How can the Build Back Better initiative help my business?

If your business is part of the solution, then we would love to help!

Getting recognition from Build Back Better can help in seven key ways:

  • It gives vital independent and authoritative recognition of your achievements and products as examples of excellence.
  • It demonstrates to your prospects that your company is in the vanguard of developing technology for a new paradigm of working and leisure.
  • It provides a compelling marketing narrative in challenging times, when it’s harder than ever to cut through.
  • It adds credibility and authority to company collateral including websites, social media channels, literature, brochures, blogposts, advertisements, stationary, vehicles etc.
  • It gives important and permanent editorial exposure – written by experienced business and technology journalists – on independent channels including the Build Back Better site and social media channels.
  • This editorial exposure additionally provides SEO-vital links back to corporate websites. 
  • Entering the process puts your innovation in front of your sector jury, a panel of 25 senior specifiers, major contractors and end users  in your market, a difficult-to-reach audience of major influencers. 

Learn more about applying for Build Back Better recognition HERE.

How does the Build Back Better Recognition Programme work?

The Build Back Better Recognition Programme is designed to celebrate and reward innovation, creativity and climate-compatibility. The Build Back Better organisation's special sector-specific expert jury examine developments, research and materials in specific design disciplines. These groups include experienced practitioners, specifiers, designers, contractors and crucially, major end users in the sector. They are tasked by BBB to continuously explore and review advances in their fields from around the globe. Each selected candidate product will be subject to rigorous scrutiny, appraisal and inquiry. 

Samples will be examined, tested and, where appropriate, installed by engineers in both specially built test-site buildings at the Build Back Better Institute Assessment Centre in Yorkshire, UK, and real world applications for post-occupancy assessment. Only those few pioneering developments which can truly accelerate the delivery of the buildings of the future will make it past the panel stage.

These will then be further evaluated and placed into one of two tiers: 

Build Back Better GOLD 

A candidate which exhibits true innovation and unique points of difference 

Build Back Better PLATINUM

An exceptional candidate which has the potential to transform its sector.

Additionally, entries with a strong environmental and sustainability credentials may be offered a 

Build Back Better GREEN

rating. This is in the gift of the judging team.

This rating system helps quickly and independently identify outstanding inventions and manufacturers so that they may be recognised and rewarded by an independent panel of their professional peers. The Build Back Better organisation's  media partners will be given first embargoed access to successful ratings, so that they may be widely publicised and shared on all channels.

What are my chances of winning?

Unlike many awards programmes,  the Build Back Better Awards allows more than one entry to be awarded a rating by the judging panel and it is in the gift of the panel if they feel that an entry has achieved the relevant criteria. 

Is it just products or can I get recognition for projects, or my company?

No, it’s not just products. Projects, organisations and even platforms and processes can achieve a Build Back Better rating.   It’s exactly the same process of submitting material which can be assessed in the normal way by the relevant experts’ jury. This rating system helps quickly and independently identify outstanding inventions and manufacturers so that they may be recognised and rewarded by an independent panel of their professional peers.

What is the criteria to be assessed by the Build Back Better initiative?

Our sector-specific expert juries are tasked to assess all applications thoroughly using their expertise and experience in their field according to the unique Build Back Better criteria.

Learn more about the criteria for both products and projects HERE.

Is there a cost to the Build Back Better Recognition Programme?

There is an administrative entry fee to cover jury and expert panel costs. The standard entry fee is £250 (reduced to £195 for early bird entries) which will put your development in front of 25 top influencers, specifiers and clients. See them HEREWinners have the option to purchase a trophy manufactured from sustainable wood. There are no further costs. 

Is there a presentations ceremony or awards evening?

There are currently no plans for an in-person presentations ceremony. This eliminates the requirement on entrants to be present at an event fixed in the calendar as well as its significant attendant costs and environmental impact.

How do I contact Build Back Better?

Got a query? Get a rapid answer by emailing

Build Back Better,

International House,
70 Camberwell Grove

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7912 3427