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The Build Back Better initiative carries out its vital work in two ways

First, our team of professional technical researchers and writers analyse and assess developments that are breaking new ground in the built environment.

They then create digital content in the form of white papers, interviews, case studies, news articles, opinion pieces and product reviews across multiple platforms and disseminates it by free-issuing it to both registered media partners and the wider world. 

Second, we celebrate and reward innovation in a unique recognition platform that’s based on peer review.

The Build Back Better organisation comprises special sector-specific expert juries which examine developments, research and materials in design disciplines across the built environment.

These groups include experienced practitioners, specifiers, academics, scientists and crucially, major end users in the sector.

The expert jurors are tasked to continuously explore and review advances in their fields from around the globe. 

Each selected candidate product will be subject to rigorous scrutiny, appraisal and inquiry.  Further, jurors have the unique ability to nominate for consideration innovations in their particular field of competence. 

Samples will be examined and tested and, where appropriate, installed.

Inspecting engineers have the ability to install products in both specially built test-site buildings at the Build Back Better Assessment Centre in Yorkshire, UK, and real world applications for post-occupancy assessment. 

Only those few pioneering developments which can truly accelerate the delivery of the buildings of the future will make it past the panel stage.

Innovations which make it through will then be further evaluated and placed into one of three tiers.

Build Back Better GOLD is for candidate products and projects which exhibit true innovation and unique points of difference, while Build Back Better PLATINUM is for exceptional exemplars with the potential to transform and disrupt its sector.

Products designed and made with an exceptional commitment to circular economy and sustainability principles – as opposed to merely low energy – can receive the Build Back Better GREEN rating.

Organisations and companies which regularly deliver tiered products can be rated as a Build Back Better GOLD Supplier or Build Back Better DISRUPTOR. 

This rating system helps quickly and independently identify outstanding inventions and manufacturers so that they may be recognised and rewarded by an independent panel of their professional peers.

The Build Back Better organisation's media partners will be given first embargoed access to successful ratings, so that they may be widely publicised and shared on all channels.