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Revealed: Lighting winners, Autumn 2021

A mosque, an abbey, a remote island and an artwork that responds to plants were all named as winners in autumn 2021 edition of the lighting category of the Build Back Better Awards. 

Lighting design practices taking honours included Speirs Major, Michael Grubb Studio, ACTLD, Jason Bruges Studio, Light Concept, Verkis and Light Bureau. 

In the product section, judges awarded honours to five innovations. These included a custom LED replacement for incandescent lamps, a luminaire made from corn starch, an outdoor light which dramatically cuts glare, a spotlight series built on modularity and an LED UV-C light which kills the coronavirus. 

Just five Build Back Better GREEN ratings were awarded along with three PLATINUMs, and eight GOLDs. 

PLATINUM: Olympic Way, London by Speirs Major

The after-dark experience of the journey between London’s Wembley Stadium and Wembley Park tube station has been transformed by holistically designed and beautifully integrated lighting designed by Speirs Major.

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PLATINUM: Bath Abbey, UK by Michael Grubb Studio

Michael Grubb Studio has created a lighting system which plays a major role in revealing and celebrating the abbey’s unique architectural features, whilst providing flexible scenes for various services and events. 

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GOLD GREEN: Cinquantenaire, Belgium by ACTLD

ACTLD is responsible for bringing new visual attention to the iconic Cinquantenaire, a historical monument built in 1880 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Belgian Revolution.

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GOLD: Variegation Index, London by Jason Bruges Studio

Variegation Index is an interactive digital artwork created for British Land by Jason Bruges Studio. The brief asked for an intervention that would revitalise the lobby at 20 Triton Street in London to create a more inviting, social environment that would encourage the general public to enter and use the space. 

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GOLD: The Sharjah Mosque, UAE by Light Concept

Sharjah Mosque is the second biggest mosque in United Arab Emirates and a divine and spiritual architectural icon. The goal of Light Concept was for its lighting design to preserve and accentuate the building’s architectural and religious values. 

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GOLD: Shop-houses in Ægisgarður, Iceland - Verkis

Located on a wharf in the old harbour of Reykjavik, these six wooden houses are designed to replace a cluster of run-down sheds housing ticket offices for whale watching and sightseeing trips. Verkís lighting design team was commissioned to develop both the indoor and outdoor lighting. 

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GREEN: Jørpelandsholmen Island, Norway - Light Bureau

Previously disused farmland, the local authority saw the potential of Jørpelandsholmen island as a tourist destination.

In 2017, a connecting pedestrian bridge was built and landscape architect Anita Ellefsen Hus masterminded a 2.1 km nature walk around the island. Light Bureau developed a design where the artificial light would balance visually against the night sky to avoid all glare and keep the light levels low so that the views across the fjord would remain intact.

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With nearly four million Source Four tungsten luminaires in use around the world, ETC developed the Source 4WRD as bespoke retrofit allowing owners to upgrade from inefficient 750 W incandescent lamps to LED without significant upgrade costs, or having to dispose of their existing fixtures.

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GOLD GREEN: TubeLED Mini HE by Lucent Lighting

The Lucent TubeLED Mini HE (High Efficacy) represents a change in the company’s design thinking and an active shift towards modularity. By using standardised components, Lucent can reuse, recycle and upgrade the technology within the same body of the original lighting fixtures. 

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GOLD GREEN: Parelia by Trilux Lighting

A luminaire's body is currently constructed from plastic or precious raw resources; so Trilux took the decision to learn from other industries and looked for more sustainable, biodegradable materials. The surprising answer came from corn.

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GOLD: Signature by Holophane Europe

The Signature features a patented ‘Transition Zone Technology’ which provides an intermediary luminous area between the brighter waveguide and the night sky. This works by creating a cascade of contrast ratios which reduce the perception of glare and provides a softer appearance to the light source.

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GOLD: Purifii Aer W by Luminii

 The Purifii Aer W is architectural-grade, low-profile, mercury-free, and contactless upper air germicidal system which harnesses the power of advanced UV-C LED technology to make occupied, indoor spaces as safe and healthy as possible.

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