TubeLED Mini HE


The Lucent TubeLED Mini HE (High Efficacy) represents a change in the company’s design thinking and an active shift towards modularity.

By using standardised components, Lucent can reuse, recycle and upgrade the technology within the same body of the original lighting fixtures. 

This, says the company, will allow more of a move from the ‘throw away’ mentality in construction and a change towards a circular economy within the lighting industry.

Lucent Lighting is part of an eco-design think tank called ‘Lighting For Good’ created by LVMH Lighting and Temeloy. The aim of this programme is to evolve innovation, services and sustainability within the lighting industry.

In 2020 Lucent submitted a protype to the Lighting For Good Awards based on its existing TubeLed Mini spotlight series.

 A 60mm diameter LED Spotlight with integral 250mA driver, available in 12 and 24 degree beam angles with a delivered 900 lumens and a CRI of 90. 

For the integral LED, Lucent developed a ‘plug and play’ module with an easy-to-install system within the spotlight. 

Alongside the modularity of the fixture, it also provides an efficacy of 117 lm/W using only 5.6W of power, winning us the 2020 ‘Lighting For Good’ Best Efficacy Award.

Lucent is now shifting toward implementing further modularity and designing parts that can be used in different fixture types. 

It says that it doesn’t have to compromise the aesthetics in order to incorporate sustainability and environmental awareness.