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Build Back Better is an exciting new initiative to champion innovation in buildings. 

During 2020 we learned how important the built environment is to our physical and mental health and wellbeing.

And, post-pandemic, we realise that we’ll need spaces that better reflect our changed priorities. 

We’ll need workplaces with collaboration and wellness at their heart, homes that are designed for remote working, retail outlets that support online shopping and brand experiences and new concepts to revive our high streets.  

What thinking, technologies and innovations will help us shape this new age?

That’s the question that Build Back Better will answer.

We’ll find and share these inventions and concepts, as well as celebrate and reward them in our unique recognition and awards programme.

We’re witnessing a global reset in how and where we work and play. 

Our buildings will need to adapt to accommodate these changes. 

From more collaborative offices to live-work spaces and experiential retail outlets, we’re set for a paradigm shift in our built environment.

New thinking and new technology will have a major role to play in our shared future.

The Build Back Better initiative is committed to recognising, rewarding and sharing these ideas and innovations so that we all can benefit. 

The Build Back Better initiative is an industry plan to help accelerate innovation, technology and change in the built environment.

A consensus is emerging that the current building stock in the office, retail, commercial, leisure, healthcare, education, transport and residential sectors is not optimised for a new paradigm where we live our lives very differently.

We at the Build Back Better initiative passionately believe that it is only by adopting the best ideas, the latest research and ground-breaking designs can we shape the vital next generation of buildings that work for how we live now.

The Build Back Better initiative aims to galvanise and inspire industry executives, designers, inventors, architects, technologists, engineers and researchers into rethinking our collective future and devising the tools that will take us there. 

During 2020 we witnessed the spectacular acceleration of disruptive trends and now face a major post-pandemic ‘reset’ that will change forever the buildings in which we work, rest and play. 

In our view, it’s more important than ever that we shine a light on the innovations that will truly change our age.

We do this in two ways. First, we identify and showcase new thinking from thought leaders and share exemplar project case studies from around the world.

These projects could include an office that’s been radically redesigned for collaboration and team building, a retail outlet that's been repurposed as a food hall and community space, a brownfield building that’s been reimagined as a stimulating shared co-working space for working-local employees, or a reconfigurable home that can adapt to changes in family life and work.

Second, we recognise, reward and celebrate innovation in products, projects, processes, platforms and business models.

These could include an exciting technology that improves health and wellbeing in the workplace, an off-site manufacturing process that dramatically speeds up installation time,  a home working station that transforms concentration and productivity or an ambitious redesign of a product along circular economy principles. 

We identify and rate these developments to both alert specifiers in the built environment and give them the independent reassurance that they need that here are innovations of the highest merit.

In a cacophonous business world of competing claims for attention,  an independent stamp of authority – judged by experienced and impartial practitioners – gives vital clarity and allows genuine and unique developments to cut through the noise.

The team behind Build Back Better believes that we learn from each other, and that we progress by sharing our knowledge, insights and experience.

This new age requires new forms. And the responsibility to create those new forms has fallen to our generation. Only by developing new thinking, new ideas and new technologies can we start to make progress.

So work with us and together, let’s create the future!