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The N-Light CONNECT+ DALI system from Mackwell – which allows facility managers to view the status of emergency installations at any time, from anywhere and all on one single interface – has been awarded a Build Back Better Awards GOLD.
The cloud-based system brings new sophistication to automatic emergency lighting testing and reporting. 
Emergency lighting must undergo monthly function and yearly duration testing. Traditionally, this was carried out manually by turning a key switch on a wall, observing the result, and maintaining the logbook. On multiple sites and estates, this is complex and expensive.
Mackwell created this smart, automated solution to streamline the process and use technology to assist in these challenges.

The system is a complete, scalable, and integrated monitoring solution that allows wired and wireless monitoring as well as cloud connectivity all in one system. 
It includes DALI controls and intuitive interfaces and is compatible with all Mackwell DALI emergency components.

A single touch panel can control up to 1,024 devices, creating simple fault reports for quick rectification. Monitoring and maintenance can be achieved through the Mackwell Configurator software which creates an automated tree format to view and issue commands to 1,000 devices.

Through cloud monitoring, all test reports and current system status are online and are accessible for the responsible person with dedicate and personalised logins.

It has multi-site support, ideal for monitoring larger buildings, retrofitting to existing buildings or for use across multiple sites and complete estates.

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