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ACTLD is responsible for bringing new visual attention to the iconic Cinquantenaire, a historical monument built in 1880 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Belgian Revolution.

The previous lighting dated back to the 1970s and had a long outdated, inefficient system that consumed between 500 and 1,000 watts per light/lamp. The ACTLD studio was called upon following our care and engagement for high quality lighting schemes and exploration of values of more efficient lighting systems reducing the overall original power consumption, with greater visual accuracy, emphasising the classical style of the monuments in a play of contrasts and tones between interior and exterior, as well as reinforcing the depth and perspective of this architectural masterpiece and increasing its visual impact.

A temporary partnership between the Jean-Pierre Majot Urban Planning Studio, ACTLD and Vitech was established to develop a new lighting plan for this historic monument, providing it with three lighting scenarios (morning, dusk and night) designed specifically for reasons of precision, aesthetics and light pollution.

Lighting design team: Bruno Demeester, Jean-Pierre Majot

Photography: Reporters / Beliris