​Holophane Europe

Pedestrian-friendly environments demand a unique set of criteria that differs from other outdoor spaces. Driven by lower column heights, most luminaires fail to provide the visual comfort that people seek. 

Using cutting-edge technology and a revolutionary new optical ink, the Signature waveguide provides a smooth, uniform lighting from a surprisingly soft light source.

It features a patented ‘Transition Zone Technology’ which provides an intermediary luminous area between the brighter waveguide and the night sky.

This works by creating a cascade of contrast ratios which reduce the perception of glare and provides a softer appearance to the light source.

This results in very visually comfortable luminaires.

The light source is tucked neatly up into the luminaire so that the luminous surface is invisible to anyone outside the illuminated area, causing the nightscape to become visually quiet.

The Signature light engine is completely uniform without the pixilation usually found in back-lit diffusers. New ink technology provides a wide, consistent distributions while remaining uniformly luminous in appearance.

The recessed light source of the Signature helps the range to achieve International Dark Sky Association approval. 

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) is the recognised authority on light pollution and is the leading organisation combating light pollution worldwide. 

The IDA has developed the ‘Fixture Seal of Approval’ programme to provide objective, third-party certification for lighting that minimises glare, reduces light trespass, and doesn’t pollute the night sky.

Much of the Signature range is made from aluminium, a recyclable material. 

In addition to this, Holophane Europe is a member of Lumicom, the UK’s leading independent not-for-profit WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme. 

Lumicom provide the lighting industry with bespoke project management support for recycling lamps, luminaires, and batteries. 

Membership of Lumicom augments Holophane’s commitment to a circular economy for its products, honouring the company’s commitment to tackling the global challenge of climate change.