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Source 4WRD 


With nearly four million Source Four tungsten luminaires in use around the world, ETC developed the Source 4WRD as bespoke retrofit allowing owners to upgrade from inefficient 750 W incandescent lamps to LED without significant upgrade costs, or having to dispose of their existing fixtures.

The Source 4WRD directly replaces the existing lamp burner assembly with an innovative LED array that works with the fixture’s original reflector and lens optics, maximising the amount of the fixture that remains in service.

As well as enabling the re-use of the existing fixture body and lens tubes, Source 4WRD dramatically reduces power consumption (with the 175W white light engine significantly outperforming the 750W tungsten lamp). The amount of heat emitted is greatly reduced, helping which cut the demand for air conditioning in performance spaces.

The Source 4WRD is available in three white light variants (3200 K 80+ CRI; 3200 K 90+ CRI; and 5900 K 90+ CRI.) All are line-dimmable just like their tungsten predecessors, so no infrastructure changes are needed. 

They can also be DMX dimmed for a more theatrical-quality dimming curve where necessary.

The Source 4WRD Color option provides DMX controlled RGBA colour mixing, further increasing the tools available to lighting designers without breaking the budget.

As well as providing an option to retrofit existing spotlights, the family includes Source 4WRD PAR and PARNel wash light bodies, and the engine is compatible with ETC’s LED CYC adapter meaning even more options can be achieved from just one engine.

It takes just a few minutes to upcycle an existing luminaire to an energy-saving LED without any special tools. This means you can retrofit an entire space in a few hours without disrupting anyone else’s workflow.

With L70 ratings of 45,000 hours for the white light variants and 60,000 hours for S4WRD Color, these luminaires last longer than incandescent sources equalling a huge reduction in labour and maintenance.