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Purifii Aer W

Launched in early 2021, the Purifii Aer W is architectural-grade, low-profile, mercury-free, and contactless upper air germicidal system which harnesses the power of advanced UV-C LED technology to make occupied, indoor spaces as safe and healthy as possible.

Luminii says the unit is the only germicidal ultraviolet light system that kills 99.98% of airborne pathogens, bacteria, viruses like Covid-19 safely indoors in 10 minutes or less. 

Designed for occupied spaces, Aer W has been laboratory tested. The lab verified the per cent reduction of SARS-CoV-2 virus in the upper air is 99.98 per cent within 10 minutes (1), making it more effective than HEPA filters and air purifiers alone.

Purifii Aer W features a streamlined linear profile engineered to support the inactivation of airborne pathogens in high-traffic, indoor environments safely, quickly and discreetly.

The system emits an uninterrupted plane of UV-C light continuously, disinfecting the upper air, eliminating viruses and other airborne pathogens that would otherwise circulate within businesses and to the people within them.

The UL-certified system is 100 per cent safe to operate in occupied settings. 

The system is environmentally friendly, helping get businesses, retailers, schools, and public spaces back to the business of living. Additional benefits include: no mercury or chemical substance exposure, energy cost savings, less reliance on toxic chemical cleaning, and a low maintenance, touchless system giving people peace of mind in spaces they occupy.

Businesses across the United States safely opened to full capacity after installing Purifii Aer W in their spaces. Sarah Mendak, owner of California Coffee Bar, said, ‘With Purifii, we were able to allow 100 per cent capacity in-service dining, increase our service capabilities to meet demand, and we no longer have to require masks for fully vaccinated patrons.’

Purifii Aer W is ready to install out of the box and designed to be non-disruptive in spaces. Aer W is protected from environmental dirt and dust particles to ensure maximum performance and operates silently. In addition, Aer W features either an integrated or remote power supply option for added flexibility.

Source: (1) Independent lab test: Aerosol Upper Air System tests conducted by Innovative Bioanalysis. 99.98 per cent total reduction achieved at 10 minutes (net reduction of 2.42-log).