Cutting-edge technology combines with infinitely customisable variants and form factors in the SPA downlight range. 

The SPA range is centred on delivering full spectrum lighting with digital beam shaping technology, but its foundations are based on circular economy principles through its modular design and conscious material selection.

Launched in the form of three core products, a 50mm light engine or dedicated downlight luminaires in SPA50 and SPA70 form factors - these products have been designed with the latest generation of LED COB technology. 

This ensures elite performance, maximum efficacy and the highest standards of quality illumination. 

While every product within the range delivers unrivalled results, within the SPA range there are options to meet the needs of different projects across varying price points and performance requirements. 

The company’s flagship options feature ‘Sunlike’ LEDs, while some projects may benefit from standard COB LEDs.

Dim to warm and tuneable white options are available throughout the SPA family. Colour options range from 2200K to 6500K.

With a choice between fixed and adjustable luminaires, a variety of fixed beam angles or digital beam shaping which allows 10° through to 60° beam angles from a single light-source via your control system, and a range of sizes and aesthetics, the perfect light can be guaranteed for each individual project.

Different control options can also be teamed with the SPA solutions, including phase, 0/1-10V, Casambi/wireless and Dali dimming protocols.

The wellness benefits of the range including:

· Full light spectrum delivering >90 across all 15 R values

· Emulation of natural light supports the circadian rhythm

· Reduction in eye fatigue

· Improves overall visual comfort

· Reveals true depth of colours and textures as they appear in nature

· Enhances mood throughout the day and supports greater sleep

Design principles of Tryka SPA, at a glance:

· Circular economy focused

· Modular: common engines; modular build; adjustable to customer needs; easy installation, maintainable

· Connected: Smart building; digital beam shaping; wired or wireless app control

· Synchronised: Material finishes; optical options; lumen performance; common components

· Competent: Regulatory compliance; sustainable manufacturing; technically excellent; wellbeing leadership

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