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LED Linear

The concept of ULTIMA is a luminaire which perfectly blends into any architectural structure with minimal impact. 

Its modularity makes it suitable for large panel of applications like task, decorative and ambient lighting. 

ULTIMA has been developed with a focus on an efficient design that requires the least amount of materials possible and with conscious decisions along its lifecycle. 

The use of innovative nano-structured optics enabled shrinking the overall dimensions to a 10x13 mm form factor while enhancing the lighting effects compared to standard technologies, resulting in seven crisp light distributions from spot to asymmetric while significantly reducing raw materials usage. 

ULTIMA is a LED lighting product that challenges the industry standards when it comes to the relationship between size and efficiency. 

This product uses state of the art technology to ensure a remarkable lifetime and has a fully modular construction that allows dismantling without tools with the exception of one single screw. 

The miniaturisation of this product has a positive effect on extracted resources, transportation, packaging and in the flexibility of use for the different applications.

This facilitates recycling at the end of life, considering that 95% of its non-electronic components are made out of recyclable mono-materials (80% of all material). 

Each module of ULTIMA can be easily removed and replaced without structural changes and without damaging the product. 

Moreover, the packaging for this product has been redesigned to be totally plastic-free - no bubble wrap and/or protective film and we use recycled paper for all its marketing material.

ULTIMA’s miniaturization reduces space/energy when transporting its raw materials and final product. 

It also requires smaller floor space for manufacturing and storage. Except for some electronic components, all other suppliers are located in Europe, where our complete production and design teams are. 

Producing in Germany, the company strictly follows labour standards, are REACH and RoHS compliant and do not risk health in production with hazardous substances.

The lifetime and efficiency of Ultima (60.000 hours/L80/B10 – 25 W/m = 110 lm/w ) are guaranteed by our nano technology and Tj-away-technology, which create an ideal environment for the micro-LED CSPs. 

By being modular both reparability and recyclability are possible (95% of non-electrical components = mono-materials).

We also acknowledge with this product the growing need for adequate lighting for green projects in the hands of conscious and innovative architects and designers. 

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