Ashmere Care Home,
​Heanor Park, UK
​It Does Lighting

This project sets a blueprint for the future of residents wellbeing in a care home environment.

Heanor Park provides circadian lighting and improved wellbeing to residents in a scheme designed by it Does Lighting. 

It features custom-designed spectral algorithms, based on the PhD research of its founder, Lorraine Calcott.

The objective: use new technology to improve facilities for residents and staff.

Lighting brief: design a lighting scheme (covering bedrooms, corridors, common areas, and bathrooms at the 60-bed care home) to support human circadian cycles, improve sleep patterns, residents' comfort and general wellbeing.

The solution: It Does Lighting used over 400 Swann Lighting colour spectrum luminaires and an amBX Smartcore system to manage every light.

Fittings are designed to deliver the right colour mix at the right time of day for human circadian cycles.

The lighting algorithm runs 24/7 in the following pattern:

- Morning: High light levels and colour temperatures (750 lux or greater, 6000 – 8000K)

- Afternoon: blue light faded out, close to 3000K (600 lux)

  • Evening: Night-time setting at the warm end of the spectrum

A flexible system allowing individual rooms to be adjusted to accommodate specific requirements. 

For example, it responds to staff intervention by immediately switching to full brightness when activated via a nurse-call system or switch.

The lighting design and solution have had a significant impact on residents' and workers' wellbeing and health, drastically improving their life quality.


  • Reduction in falls usually expected by a care home, only 2 within the first three months - significantly lower than previous statistics

- Greater levels of engagement from residents during the day

- Residents appear more active and alert at the right times of the day

- At night, residents feel ready for bed and are getting a better night's sleep

- Staff can establish more of a routine; night shifts are less challenging

- Night staff feel less tired and feel more alert (even though circadian lighting isn't installed in the staff room)

- Dayshift staff found to be getting a better night sleep

David Poxton, Managing Director, commented: 'We're seeing a greater level of engagement from the residents during the day because the lighting is helping their body clock become alert and ready for the day… we're not seeing people falling asleep in their chair or not wanting to engage in activities'