Full Circle

The Full Circle buy-back scheme from skinflint gives customers the opportunity to trade-in their lights in exchange for a 50 per cent credit towards a future purchase. 

Under the scheme, returned lights are then repaired, restored and recertified by its experts and placed back into the market. 

This is its commitment to sustainability, keeping lights out of landfill and in use forever.

Skinflint supplies bars, restaurants, hotels, workplaces and private homes all over the world with light fittings.

‘The work we do at Skinflint is based on respecting and preserving the heritage of each piece,’ says company co-founder Chris Miller. ‘

We have three guiding principles: To salvage the best lighting from the 1920s to the 1970s, to restore every piece sensitively – without compromising its character and to refurbish each fixture to the highest modern standards.

‘We don’t want to see them end up in a skip after five or ten years’.

Miller believes that his company can set a example of the circular economy – in which products and materials are re-used –  in the lighting industry.

‘To us, reclaiming a vintage light means keeping the essence of the original light fitting intact, but that you can rely on it to work perfectly, and safely, every day.