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The ZTA spotlight was designed by Stoane Lighting for the circular economy and realises true circular manufacture in practice. 

More than a product, ZTA is an idea that embodies the core values of Stoane Lighting. 

The company believes that equipment should be designed to last, be repaired, be upgraded and to be recycled.

ZTA’s simple aesthetic offers freedom in choice of light source, beam control, finish, a wealth of options for mounting and the ability to integrate into bespoke equipment. 

It can be disassembled, repaired and rebuilt many times over using every day accessible tools. 

This approach also means that it can also be repurposed for another space or use.

The style of the product is deliberately minimalist to ensure that it does not succumb to fashion; to remain in use for many years to come, regardless of constantly moving trends. 

In all of our designs, we ensure that the product as far as possible avoids future obsolescence.

ZTA is designed to use the least amount of plastic components, minimise waste and to be manufactured as close as possible to our headquarters in Edinburgh. 

ZTA begins with responsibly sourced aluminium extruded profile, which in comparison to solid aluminium, carries less material and less waste is generated during machining. 

Components, light engines, accessories and all subsequent parts are sought from minimal distances and chosen for their technical superiority, to ensure a high quality, technically accomplished, long lasting product is produced. 

Up to 90 per cent of the material in the fitting has been recycled and at end of life can be recycled again.

The company believes that circularity of material use, whereby the value of materials is maintained for as long as possible via reuse and refurbishment, will lead to less waste and less reliance on extraction of raw materials. 

Its interest in reusing and recycling materials even extends to repurposing scrap metal from our workshop to make tools and most recently, efforts to make a saleable pendant from 100 per cent recycled aluminium.

Stoane Lighting looks to prepare fittings for the service model and ‘right to repair’ initiatives that will emerge, by ensuring that they can be serviced with simple and commonly available tools. 

The company has now taken that one step further and launched a ReNew service, focusing on repair or upgrade requirements, which is supported by our 5 year warranty and further 20 year duty of care.

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