The Regen Initiative

The Regen Initiative has won both PLATINUM and GREEN in the lighting category of the Build Back Better Awards 2023.

It was conceived and launched to offer a lighting fixture refurbishment service, by breathing new life into existing fixtures, all while sourcing from localised supply chains in line with circular economy principles, with carbon reduction being a key factor of success. 
The principle of remanufacturing is a lot harder than just fitting new. To fit new is often easier and simpler for the client, so educating on the way to the end goal is essential. 

Remanufacturing provides much better carbon efficiency and a much better product as it eliminates carbon and reduces waste, keeping existing products in circulation for longer. 
Remanufacturing requires a complete change in mindset, production and process from the linear take, make, waste economy, where old light fittings are discarded and replaced with new.
In most cases, the process involves keeping the original luminaire material, known as the core, and converting the light source to LED. This helps to create a solution that saves energy, time, money, and ultimately, the environment. 
Conceived by F Mark and Coco Lighting, and now partnered with Eco Fix UK, the Regen Initiative aims to work together collaboratively to provide more efficient lighting that stands the test of time, to challenge the status quo and to strive to provide solutions without sacrificing quality or compromising on safety or ethical standards.
Creating circular solutions for the lighting industry involves establishing strategies and practices that prioritise sustainability and resources efficiently, helping alleviate supply chain issues and demands that put pressure on the economy.