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Lorelux sustainable urban luminaires

The Lorelux range of range of street and urban lights made from post-consumer plastic waste has won both a GOLD and GREEN in the lighting category of the 2023 Build Back Better Awards.

With wall thicknesses greater than 5mm, Lorelux luminaires are ultra-resistant to impact and scratch and solve the problem of long term corrosion in a sustainable way using Plastic Second Life certified and infinitely recyclable materials, with up to 98 per cent post-consumer plastic content.

By using recovered materials and reusing the polymer lighting body – by repairing or upgrading its technological components –  it’s possible to reduce the extraction of raw materials and save about 15 kg of CO2 for each  avoided replacement (source: LCA study conducted in accordance with the requirements of ISO14040 and ISO14044 international standards).
The 100 per cent on site supply chain reduces the CO2 emissions related to transport, thus solving the problem of finding materials.

The patented manufacturing technique emits no harmful gases for humans or for the environment, and makes it possible to obtain luminaires whose material appearance is similar to traditional metal luminaires, but with a significantly lower environmental impact than the latter.
They are resistant to corrosion by atmospheric agents and pollutants, with no flaking or discolouration from UV rays.

Thanks to the Rotoskin technology, Lorelux luminaires are characterised by an anti-UV and self-cleaning protective shield in recyclable and PSV (Plastic Second Life) certified polymers, giving the products an impressive structural strength and resistance to UV rays, as well as to discolouration.
These features give the luminaires exclusivity in design, since rotomoulding technology – used for manufacturing Lorelux products – is eco-friendly and flexible at the same time, allowing manufacturing single-pieced objects with complex outlines, with no welding lines or joints.

The Rotoskin manufacturing technology, patented by Lorelux, allows manufacturing urban lighting luminaires through a moulding process that is free of gases and toxic vapours, by using PSV (Plastic Second Life) certified and UV stabilised polyethylene. In this way, the brand has implemented a set of actions to foster a transition from a linear to a circular economy system.