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Enter the Carbon Reduction Project category!

We're on the hunt for exemplary carbon reduction projects which exhibits exceptional degrees of innovation, efficiency, functionality, creativity, environmental leadership and social purpose. A new category, the Carbon Reduction Project category of the 2024 Build Back Better Awards opens on Monday 9 October 2023. Getting recognition for your project from the Build Back Better Awards gives a range of immediate and long term benefits:
  • It gives vital independent and authoritative recognition of your project as an example of excellence.
  • It demonstrates to your prospects that your company is in the vanguard of using technology to create a new paradigm of working and leisure.
  • It provides a compelling marketing narrative in challenging times, when it’s harder than ever to cut through on both social media and other channels.
  • It adds credibility and authority to company collateral including websites, social media channels, literature, brochures, blogposts, advertisements, stationary, vehicles etc.
  • It gives important and permanent editorial exposure – written by experienced business and technology journalists – on independent channels including the Build Back Better Awards website and its social media channels. This editorial exposure additionally provides SEO-vital links back to corporate and practice websites.


    Emphasise the scheme's unique properties and points of difference, and supply great images to help the judges understand its features and capabilities.
    Entering puts your project in front of your sector jury, a panel of top practitioners and thought leaders in your market. 
    Remember, unlike many awards where there is just one winner per category, the Build Back Better Awards programme recognises with an award all entries that meet the required standard according to the criteria as decided by the judges. 
    Applying is straightforward. It’s as easy as filling in the online application form, uploading the supporting material and supplying a product sample if requested. 
    After application, the documentation is put before the relevant sector specific expert panel.
    The panel can also request an in-person visit to any project where a representative of the entrant should be able to answer any questions that the judges may have. 
    If the panel is satisfied it has the information it needs to proceed to an evaluation for rating, it will then assess the applications against the specified criteria. 
    It will then award it a Build Back Better Gold or Build Back Better Platinum rating. 
    Entries with a strong sustainability and environmental narrative may also be offered the option of a Build Back Better Green rating. This is in the gift of the judging team.
    The standard fee is £250 + VAT for UK entries and £250 for non-UK entries. Entries open on Monday 9 October 2023 until the final closing deadline of 6pm on Friday 22 March 2024. Winners will be announced on Thursday 9 May 2024.
    Successful applicants in the product category who receive a Build Back Better Award Gold or Platinum will be required to purchase a Winner’s Pack which gives you a range of unique benefits to begin using the award to drive business and sales growth and recognition. See the full benefits and current cost HERE.