Building Crafts College, London by Silent Design

The lighting project at Building Crafts College in east London which reused luminaires removed from a Cat A fit-out in a London office has won both  GOLD and GREEN in the lighting category of the 2023 Build Back Better Award. 

This project was undertaken by Evolve Services Group, commissioned by the college to upgrade their lighting infrastructure to energy-efficient LED technology.
Working in collaboration with lighting manufacturer Silent Design, they devised a comprehensive strategy. The initiative not only refurbished 65% of the existing light fittings with Silent Designs use of cutting-edge LED technology but also repurposed 300 linear meters of luminaires saved from a commercial office building on the South Bank. These luminaires were salvaged prior to a custom Cat B scheme.
The existing light fittings eligible for refurbishment, both linear and downlights, were carefully removed from the college premises and transported to Silent Design’s workshop. Here, they underwent meticulous re-engineering, integrating LED technology to enhance their efficiency and performance. Once refurbished, these fittings were reinstalled at the college site.
Moreover, the salvaged linear fittings from the Cat A fit-out underwent thorough inspection and maintenance at Silent Design's workshop. Despite being less than six months old and unused, all fittings had their batteries replaced, underwent comprehensive re-testing of wiring and components, and were customised into 1500mm units with custom end-caps. These efforts were aimed at ensuring a full five-year warranty for the college.
Waste generated from both the refurbishment process and the fittings deemed unsuitable for refurbishment was systematically sorted into distinct categories: ballasts, wiring, metal, rigid plastic, and batteries. This waste was responsibly collected and recycled by iwaste, contributing to a sustainable waste management approach.
By refurbishing 65% of the existing light fittings and integrating the saved Cat A fittings into the project, significant waste reduction was achieved.
Approximately 385 kilograms of waste were saved through refurbishment and the use of the Cat A fittings.  260kg of CO2 emissions have been saved every year with the energy reductions from the new install based on the 34 weeks a year the school is open.
This innovative lighting project stands as a testament to the college's commitment to sustainability and efficient resource utilisation.