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Aeromax by Acrospire

The Aeromax standalone solar-powered luminaire and energy storage system by Acrospire has won a Build Back Better GREEN Award in the 2023 lighting category.

Developed with its partner Green Frog Systems, the Aeromax harnesses solar power during the day and stores it for use during nighttime hours. It features advanced solar harvesting and energy storage capabilities with an efficacy of 194 lm/W.
On one charge it can provide continuous illumination for up to 15 days autonomy without additional charge from the sun. It is also capable of power additional devices such as CCTV and Smart City sensors and controllers.
It meets it meets P3, P4 and P5 road lighting classes.
Options include a bat-friendly LED version which uses monochromatic LEDs which emit wavelengths that peak at 590nm or 690nm and do not have any blue (470nm), making them less disruptive to bats by minimising their attraction and interference. The Aeromax offers a range of control options from PIR to the Acrospire’s CMS platform, Smart Asset Management.Aeromax embodies a robust and durable design, ensuring a long lifespan of over 100,000 hours with the solar panel rated for 25 years. The product has a fully-recyclable design.